In Spring of 2018, I served as a consultant to the OCCU marketing team, reporting my quantitative and qualitative research as well as final recommendations to help their company build brand awareness.
Focus Groups: Moderated focus groups of 4-8 people aged 18-24, understanding underlying motivations that led them to selecting one bank/credit union over others.
Immersive Observation Studies: Traveled to banks/credit unions to conduct field research necessary to understand motivations behind visiting a financial institution.
In-Depth Surveys: Distributed an online survey that measured user's preferences and needs/wants that banks and credit unions provide to them. Leveraged the data to provide significant statistical analysis in the final pitch back to the C-Suite at OCCU.
Large-scale presentation to OCCU's C-Suite (CEO, CTO, COO, CMO).
•3 in-depth recommendations to build brand awareness and trust amongst young consumers through leveraging data and consumer testimonials.